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Luther Monday & The Magic Hammer: Bio

LUTHER MONDAY & THE MAGIC HAMMER Singer songwriter Luther Monday was born in Chicago, Illinois, home of the blues. In his very early years he was a regularly seen face in local, now famous Chicago clubs such as "Fat Edna's", "The Pork Rind" and "Ashy Earl's". He honed his guitar, vocal and harmonica skills, cutting his teeth in these dives and windy Southside Chicago streets. Then, at the age of 4, it was time for Lu to move to California where he bought his first harpsichord. Historians differ on what happened to Luther for the next 30 some-odd years. There are reports that he wandered through Europe drinking wine, his harpsichord in tow, playing dirges and stream of consciousness mini operettas for anyone who would listen. Others claim to have spotted him in Boston in the mid 1970's, in the cast of "Zoom". Luther grew up in Oakland, CA., where he fronted, or co-fronted a long string of bands including, "The Flying Nones", "The Crunch", "Luther Monday And The Fat Catholics", "Jonny Dog" (Where he wrote much of and performed the sound track for the Mitchell Brother's Adult Film: “The Graphenberg Girls Go Fishing"-prior to the murder of one Mitchell brother committed by the other. it's true, look it up!) "The Dangerous Tykes", "The Bastard Plants, and "Circus Tension". Which brings us to a new band: "Luther Monday & The Magic Hammer" The members are Ethan Gladstone: guitar, and backing vocals. Dave Chapple: bass & backing vocals, Matt Hergert: Drums, and Luther Monday: vocals & guitar, harmonica and stuff. 

SPECIAL THANKS TO - Everyone who supported the Kickstarter CD Drop

Special Thanks to: Mom: JoCarole Harris, Chelsea Griffie AKA Adventure Sue, Tsan Abrahamson, Hamid Aghdaee, Danny and Laura Allen, Anne Artoux, Marilyn Blair, Erik Boettcher, Dinky Bordeaux, David Carr, Dave Chapple, Katherine Cobb, Geraldine Convento, Jim Cribley, Rob Cribley, Suzi Cruz, Heather Davison, Tibbie DelliGatti, Tom Drohan, Val Esway, Denise Funari, Ethan Gladstone, Eri & Anders: The amazing Glanzukis! Karen Goodman, Michael Graffam, Sheila Griffie, Ray Halliday, Ali Hartman, Matt Hergert, Derek Hirsch, Joy Sue Hutchinson, Mason Idleoften, Matthew Johnson, Marissa Krupa, Michele Leavy, Peter & Barbara Linssen, Kim Nyburg Maeda, Rue Mapp, Lucio Menegon, Meegan Moloney, J.D. Moore, Joel Murach, Stephanie Ogburn, Amy Pacholuk, Celena Peet, Marika Roberson, Noam Rosen, Joe Rut, Lynn Serwin, Michael & Marti Shaffer, Merrill Smith, Ted Tagami, Michael Veneziano, Karry Walker, Dave Wilkins, Kimberly Wu, Paul Yezzi.

Luther Monday & The Magic Hammer is now based in Los Angeles, CA., but was ORIGINALLY based in Oakland where we recorded most of the music featured on this site. I want to thank and acknowledge the ORIGINAL members of the Magic Hammer who all play on my new album, "Brief Nudity" and whom I miss very, very much. They are: Corey Losee; Drums, John Shiurba: bass, Jeff Hobbs: violin and horns, and Danny Allen: guitar, banjo, back up vocals AND executive producer and engineer of this album.

Thank You, thank you very much.

But seriously, there are are a few key people who encouraged me to write and perform long ago, when I knew even less than I know today. These are the people who showed me how to play my first chords, or sang with me in bathrooms into tape recorders, or were willing to play a song I wrote but couldn't play myself, or played music with me in public for the first times, or told me I didn't suck, OR told me when I did, and helped me to not suck the next time. I have had many strange and wonderful experiences because of time spent with these people when I was young, and, from the bottom of my heart, I thank them, may choose to blame them. Ethan Gladstone, Max Lenz, Danny Allen, Markus Rodriguez, Julian Phetteplace, and the late, great Chris Moore. If it wasn't for you guys, I would've wound up penniless and insane MUCH sooner....